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Thermocouple Transmitter

Thermocouple Transmitter 5334B

  • Model No.
  • Description
    2 Wire Programmable Transmitter
  • Measurement Range
  • Accuracy
  • Dimension
    44Ø x 20.2 (H) mm
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Thermocouple Transmitter 5334B
Specification Range -40 ∘C ~ 85 ∘C   
Supply Voltage, DC 7.0…30VDC
Internal Consumption 25 mW…0.8W
Voltage drop 7.2 VDC
Isolation Voltage, Test/Operation 1.5 kVAC/50 VAC
Warm-up time 5 min
Communication Interface Loop Link
Signal/Noise Ratio Min. 60 dB
Response Time (Programmable) 1…60 s
EEprom Error Check <3.5 s
Signal Dynamics, input 18 bit
Signal Dynamics, output 16 bit
Calibration Temperature 20…28 ∘C                       
Accuracy, the greater of general and basic values:
General Values
Input Type Absolute Accuracy Temperature Coefficient
All ≦±0.05 % of span ≦±0.01% of span/∘C
Basic Values
Input Type Basic Accuracy Temperature Coefficient
Volt ≦± 10 μV ≦± 1 μV/∘C
TC type
E, J, K, L, N, T, U
≦± 1 ∘C ≦± 0.05 ∘C/∘C
TC type: B, R, S, W3, W5, LR ≦± 2 ∘C ≦± 0.2∘C/∘C
EMC Immunity Influence <± 0.5% of span
Extended EMC Immunity
NAMUR NE 21, A Criterion, Burst <± 1% of span

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