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Penetration Thermocouple Probe

Penetration Temperature Probe HP-502A-M22

  • Model No.
  • Description
    Type K probe with needle tip style
  • Measurement Range
    Max. 500 °C
  • Accuracy
    0.75 Class (Class B)
  • Dimension
    3.2 φ x 100 (L) mm
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Penetration Temperature Probe HP-502A-M22
Thermocouple Type Type K (Standard)
Tube Diameter 3.2 φ 
Max. Temperature Max. 500 °C
Response Time 3 seconds
Tube Length 100 mm 
Cable Length & Material                2 M PU coiled cable in blue (Standard)
Straight cable length can be ordered as per customer's request
Weight 86g
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