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Pressure Meter

Pressure Meter TFC-321-23

  • Model No.
  • Description
    Pressure meter
  • Measurement Range
    -1/0 to -1/+20 kg/cm2 (bar), 0/1 to 0/1000 kg/cm2 (bar)
  • Accuracy
    Class ±1.5%
  • Dimension
    63 mm
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Pressure Meter TFC-321-23
Dimension 63 mm
Accuracy Class ±1.5%
Pressure Ranges -1/0 to -1/+20 kg/cm2 (bar)
0/1 to 0/1000 kg/cm2 (bar)
Temperature Ranges Operation temperature: 100 °C (max)
Ambient temperature: -20 ~60 °C
Connection AISI 316, LM/LBM/CBM
Connector size: 14 mm, 1/4”, PT, NPT, PF, BSP
Sensing Element Bourdon Tube, AISI 316, DIN 50049 (AISI 316 Ti)
≦70 kg/cm2 (bar) C
>70 kg/cm2 (bar) H
Movement AISI316
Dial Aluminum Alloy, black figures and line on white background
Pointer Aluminum, black painted
Case AISI 304
Upper Ring AISI 304
Filling Glycern (99.5%)
Window Normal glass, Laminated safety glass, Acrylic
Order Option Filling fluid optional
Flange (Rear or front)
Red mark pointer
Clamp fixation
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