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Privacy Policy

Microtemp Electrics Co., LTD, Yi Chun Electrics Co., LTD and Hwa Tai Technology Co., LTD respect the right of privacy and security of our users. In order to improve your understanding on how we collect, use and protect the personal information of users, please read carefully on our security and privacy policy.

Network Security Policy

Any acts on attempting to upload or change services that Microtemp Electrics Co., LTD, Yi Chun Electrics Co., LTD and Hwa Tai Technology Co., LTD provided without authorization are prohibited, and might lead to consequences of law violations.

In order to assure the services of our website are safe and stable, we design the following security policy:

  • Network spyware is applied to monitor network traffic, and to identify persons who intend to upload, change or damage the website information without authorization.
  • Firewall is installed to prevent illegal intrusion, information damage or steal and any illegal usage of the website.
  • Irregularly simulates hacker attack to the websites in order to practice the system recovery procedure and apply proper   security protection level accordingly.
  • Backup daily. All data will be saved to the backup storage.

Policy Scope

The following privacy policy applies when actions of collecting, using and protecting of your personal information are involved in our website.

Information Collection, Sharing, and Use

Your personal information will be needed when you are involving in the following circumstances on the website:

Information Collection

  • Your correct personal information is required if you contact us through E-mails or the comment mailbox on the webpage. This requirement is to assure that the reply finds you well. However, the personal information you provided is used only for replying and providing the information you inquired. We will not provide your personal information to any private sectors, or for any private usages.
  • Please be aware that our website links to other websites. These websites might also collect your personal information. Different privacy policy might be applied to the personal information you provide to them. No responsibility is held by us.

Information Sharing

We will NOT sell, exchange or lease any of your personal information to any organization or person. We assure that your personal information will not be disclosed to others without your authorization. Nevertheless, the following circumstances will be treated as exceptions, and your personal information will be handled according to the related legislation instead of the privacy policy we stated above. The circumstances including (but not limiting to):

Information Utilities

We will send and reply E-mails to you after your registration to the website. These E-mails will be clearly stated that they come from us. We will not be sending E-mails with contents other than the propagation of our website.

Modification of the Privacy Policy

The modifications of the privacy policy by Microtemp Electrics Co., LTD, Yi Chun Electrics Co., Ltd and Hwa Tai Technology Co., Ltd. Since the development of technology is rapid and the relative ordinance has not been fully established, we reserves the right to change and modify the security and privacy policy stated here. This is to assure that your privacy and the network security is properly guarded. The updated modification, if there shall be any, will be posted on our website as soon as it is done.

Consultation of the Privacy Policy

If you have any questions or inquiries about our network security and privacy policy, you are welcome to contact us at any time.

  • If your behavior on the website has violate our service article or might have jeopardized the right of our company and lead to damages of other people, it is necessary for us to disclose your personal information to identify, contact or take any legal actions.
  • Based on the good wills, we believe that disclosing your personal information suits the law.
  • When the Justice Department requires us to disclose certain specified personal information for the sake of public safety, We will consider the propriety of appropriateness of the legal act, and under the security of all users of our company, we might provide your personal information in a level of fitness to the Justice Department.